Friday, October 28, 2016

About the Author

Belinda has worn many hats in her life. Like Goldilocks, some were too big, some too small, and others just right.

The ‘Writer’s Hat’ fit perfectly from Day One. Belinda’s early memories of writing remain some of her most treasured: from practising her running writing in primary school and enjoying the aesthetics of the dotted lower case i’s and j’s, to sitting at her little red plastic play table completing spelling tests with her mum as she washed the dishes.

Belinda has been writing short stories and song lyrics for as long as she can remember, falling in love for the first time when introduced to the essay form in a high school English class.

Today, Belinda finds stimulus everywhere she goes, in everything she does, and in everyone she meets... which has led to the creation of this blog page: a collection of social observations and personal perplexities that surround most of us in our every day lives.

Coming from a strong media background, Belinda has worked alongside local and internationally renowned names in the television and film industries. At nineteen, she enjoyed her role as Music Buyer for a successful entertainment retailer, and later came to teach secondary school English and Media in both Sydney and Greater London.

Belinda continues to thrive on the challenge of editing her growing expanse of written work as well as that of others, which has led her to don a comfortable new hat: Copywriter. She has also had music reviews published with the UK's GIGsoup.

Belinda is a lover of pop culture, citing concerts and geek cons as a favourite pastime, openly admitting to being annoyingly analytical when it comes to watching a really good film, and passionate when discussing issues that matter.

Her guilty pleasures include Pinterest, second breakfast, peanut butter and drinking hot chocolate with a straw.